Friday, April 22

sx | animation progress

Today's progress:

  1. Making the logo float in the water
    1. I'm not super happy with this. I would like to have more of a trail from the frames with the waves to the logo. Right now it sort of just appears.
    2. Frank suggested spreading up the transition a little, which I agree with, especially at the last bounce. Oooh! I just got an idea! I got to go try it!…nope still the same.
  2. Putting background colors behind everything to match the post cards. This was really easy once I figured out the shift + command + Y trick for changing already created solids.
Things I still have to do:

  1. Put the diving board Derick animated in instead of the static version.
  2. Replace motion marks with dotted motion marks and steam from Mary's poster.
  3. add the date / time / location for the eblast version