Thursday, March 10

t4 | mood boards for new peoject

Instead of a Thesis Book, I'm going to create a website for Likewise that to tell the story.

> I bought the domain ( ) !!
> For cost purposes right now I'm using Cargo Collective.
> For now I want the main focus to be promo for the release event.
> After the release, I will add an online version of the magazine.
> Will link to the instagram page.
> possible tabs: contact, about, instagram, studio visits, contributors, release party

mood boards:

soft colors, feminine, 
not over designed ~ let the featured work stand for itself

new age digital, pattern heavy, layered 

nostalgic, digital, bright colors, geometric 

Wednesday, March 9

sx | senior show proposal

Our senior show proposal is titled “hours.” The H is shown separate because the title has a dual meaning. Take out the piece of red film we gave you and look thru it. Now it reads OURS without the H. Here’s the little bio we wrote to explain our concept:

We’ve put in the hours. Our time here has given us experiences and allowed us to meet people with similar interests. Although we leave here with the same major our styles range from here to there. Through hours of hard work we’ve learned to see the world through a creative lens. Which allows us to see the potential of art and design and look beyond what the naked eye can see. 

We’re ready to find out what the future holds for us. But before we do, let’s celebrate the hours we’ve spent here. This is our chance to show what we’re made of. This is H:OURS.

We've spilt our key words to represent the two different meanings of the word. Hours (with an H) keywords are motion / forward, complex, and bright. Speaking to time and moving forward. While ours keywords speak more to us as a class: digital vs analog, layered, and expressive.

Here’s our style board. The halftone pattern is how we are manipulating images. Our logo is spilt between the analog and digital style and the two dots refer back to time. There are two versions here, our brand allows for either to be used. 

We are using a primary color palette to convey the more artistic traditional way of using color… 

The material we are using allows for the colors to overlap and create secondary colors. 

This way we are not restricted to only a few colors,

but instead we are embracing the advantages to this material. 

Here is our invite! It has a window that reveals the logo much like we just showed you at the beginning.

here’s an example of how the catalog will look.

and also interact with the material. 

and another example.

after we made this mock up we had another idea for the photos. The red image could be a funny picture that represents your personality. So at a first glance it is a professional photo but then reveals more about you as a person / designer. 

or possibly fusing type & image more. 

here’s a short video showing how someone could enjoy the catalog.  The cover is layered with red and blue, creating purple. We’ve mocked up a bastard page and two examples of the student profiles. 

The colored film also reacts to the work shown. 
Type (graphic design is… ) that student answers with a word or short statement. 

Lastly, here’s a web mock up. when you bring your mouse to the logo, the red overlays the pg. 

we were thinking that we wanted this gate to be the main entrance to the show. Because we are utilizing a halftone dot pattern in our imagery we thought it would be nice to enhance the dot pattern in the gate. This is just a rough mock up, but we were thinking of having colored lights shining through from behind, illuminating the dots.

once a visiter has entered the gate they will then walk through the side door. This is the first wall they will see first. 

besides there will be a big red sheet suspended from the ceiling.  

we don’t exactly know what that image would be yet, so here’s another example using the logo. 

we are more interested in the interaction itself. 

 Here’s an example of how a name sticker could look. 

and here’s how that would appear on the wall. We also want to finish off the look by covering the black floor boards and putting LED strip lights behind the material to illuminate the floor.

Monday, March 7

sx | senior show progress

final colors: 

start of style board: 

logo exploration: 

more image exploration: 

type treatment exploration:

rough catalog mock up: