Friday, February 12

t4 | book cover phase one

Slaughterhouse Five 
Kurt Vonnegut

& here's the start to one version of the cover:

Monday, February 8

sx | alice research presentation

dp | presentation one

Likewise magazine is an arts collective that believes all forms of art are of equal importance and should be treated as such. It is a reaction to my experience as an art student that the different majors become very separate after foundations year and graphic design even more separate than the other art majors. Contemporary art isn't so clear cut and often has overlap in many creative areas. Likewise magazine will strive to not only reflect that but also allow an opportunity for the artists involved to come together and create something that could not happen otherwise.

I’ve been pulling inspiration from a lot of different print work. This was published last year, it’s an independent magazine called The Bohemian. I like the use of the gutter here, also the full bleed photos overlapped.

I found this in a 1990’s Art & Antiques magazine. This article is pretty relevant to my project and I thought using overlaying the explanation mark was a good idea for attention grabbing. 

Another article showing one of Malevich’s works and briefly talking about it. 

I love this spread. I like the use of a thick border here kinda framing what’s inside, but I also like how some elements break that frame.

& another example of the border. But this is a good way to combine clean easy to read type with a great texture. 

This spread is also from the Bohemian. I love the type as a frame. 

Last spread from the Bohemian. I love the flipped image next to full bleed of color with minimal typography. 

Also looked at Vice.

I’ve been looking at all type of print work, not just arts magazines for inspiration. This is an issue of Sprung Formal from two years ago. I like how simple this spread is. The poem on the left has one letter next to the centered image on the right. 

I found this book at goodwill. I thought this page had a nice use of color & the layout was interesting. 

Lastly, the back covers of the Art & Antique magazine was Absolute Vodka pairing up with an artist for their ads. 

This is something I think is really cool if I ever wanted Likewise to live on last school. 

I drafted up a rough timeline that has weekly goals. So it’s still very flexible because my project very much counts on other people’s effort and schedules. But the main thing to note here is that I set my deadline for content at midterm so I can just focus on finalizing the design the second half of semester. 

This is my working list of contributors and a few examples of their work. (actually added two more this weekend) curating is so fun / I’m  loving it. I’ve decided that a few artists will have solo spreads accompanied by a written article by Siara Berry. I will also be hosting collaborative shoots. I will be doing the styling / set design / curating / creative direction and I have a photographer, Nelson Pierra and a hair stylist Abbie Barker. For something like this I will have a drop off for artists to give me their work and allow them to be apart of the shoot as well. Models will also be brought in for clothing brands and jewelry makers. 

Right now I’m working on setting up studio visits. I have three set up for next week right now :) :) 
I sent out this super long initial email to my list of 20 & counting contributors! Which covers all the details for how this is going to go down because up until this point it was just talking about it like it was a hypothetical project. 

I’ve opened submissions for the playlist section. You guys are welcome to submit a playlists or if you know anyone who makes music or loves music, send them my way! 

So I’ve gathered a lot of artists together but I would like to have more specific designs created for Likewise. If this is something that interests you know that you will be credited & added into contributor section for any work you create just like any other artist will be that I am publishing. Some things I need right now are… hand rendered or custom type for section headings. I would also like a set of custom designed numbers for page numbers. Also I’m looking for patterns or sketches that can be used for backgrounds or fly sheets. I want design work to fill the magazine just as much as other artwork. So I figured I would open that up to you guys first! If you are interested just send me some examples to this email and then we can discuss things further.