Monday, March 21

sx | Alice Final

For my research I watched the version titled "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" from 1972.  Some things I noticed about the set designs were use of color and layering. The colors changed after important shifts during the story. The enviroment was made up of materials that looked flat like plants could have been made of paper, but it was layered so that it would appear more dimensional. I initially respond to the visual / design components. But conceptually, this story can be read as a child's loss of innocence. This is what inspired the direction of my project.

So just a refresher… Here are the topics I explored. Bringing adults back into childhood, flipping the journey of Alice. Again reminder that my space will be inside a corporate business building, offering a common space to break from work.

color theory 
Using color to create different moods and sensations. 

And lastly bringing outdoor elements to an interior space. 

Here’s the brand guide. The name of the space is “spectrum garden”. The overlapping colorful layered type was inspired by the set design I mentioned earlier, while the crayon hand lettering is suppose to evoke a childlike nature. 

I wrote a little paragraph for the invite so I’ll read it now:

work got you down?
take a break! find the orange slide, slide down, down, down instead.
you won’t believe what you’ll find. an indoor oasis with a spectrum of 
colors that will punish your senses away from all the stress. quit watching the
clock and be free from worry with an imaginative nature. come to spectrum 
garden and discover the kid in you. 

“discover the kid in you” is sorta the tag line. 

Here’s the space. The orange slide is the entrance. the ceiling is made up of glass so you can see the sky and the floor is real grass and grass furniture. there are hammocks for relaxing with large leaves over you for shade. The pink room is a meeting / gathering room. The green room is quite literally the green room. You can go in and dance around, while on the tv screens outside will project you in space or at the beach.
When you finish this experience, I thought it would be a fun idea to get to have a DVD take away so you can re-watch and share with other people. 

here’s an example of one flyer or poster. 

here’s how they would be shown all together wheat pasted to a wall. 

Here’s the invite. it reads “work got you down?” large and then has the body copy I read earlier. I imagined that these could come in all the different colors. 

The mark is a simplified identity mark that could be used on the envelope.

 Lastly, here's all the support pieces shown together!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Concept: I am totally onboard with your concept. More times than not, as we age we also become more bitter/disillusioned, so making adults return back to a more fresh, child-like approach to life is definitely beneficial to anyone. Some things that contribute to a loss of imagination heavily relies on the workplace (because a person will spend a significant amount of their time working). The work place can feel stifling and your idea succeeds in making the workplace more enjoyable and open. While this is more easily done in a common room area, it makes me wonder how you could transform the work space area and individual working areas as well. This would be more of a challenge because while people need to stay focused and actually work, the designer would have to try to balance working and feeling at ease (not stuffy). Still, with your design, I can see people relaxing and taking a breather off work in the space. I'm not sure why, but a part of me feels like the space is kind of like a hamster cage - fulfilling what the hamster/worker needs inside an enclosed space. It is kind of a negative connotation, so maybe you could have the space be both indoors and outside the building or encourage people to move around outside and inside.

    the space: I really love the glass ceiling revealing the sky. The space feels really fresh and inviting, especially with the natural grassy areas and the plants. The couches seem plopped in there, and could use some more sensitivity to the architecture and how people will interact with it, but good job creating a comfortable, chill environment. I like your attitude towards the space - everything doesn't feel too manicured, but feels open and flexible (like your pink/blue rooms).

    branding: I have to agree with Larry's comment during your crit that the branding is a little more child-like than you want it to be. But this can be easily solved with editing the color palette. I like the type treatment on your cover of the catalog where it looks refined and fresh, but still harkening back to children. The body copy "discover the kid in you" makes me think about what else you could incorporate in your design that could help older adults remember what it was like to experience something for the first time (seeing a firetruck for a little boy, seeing a gasoline rainbow in a puddle on the street, etc.)

    Overall, good job on your concept. Love the glass ceiling and the grass-covered floors and furniture. Could consider going back and editing the space a bit in response to the architecture, and thinking more about how to literally get adults to "discover the child in you."