Tuesday, February 2

sx | alice in wonderland concept

So I narrowed down my idea to focusing on the effects color has on meaning, mood, and sensation. I also wanted to reverse Alice's journey out of childhood and instead create an experience for adults to go back into childhood. At first I couldn't figure out why an adult would want to do this or where it would go. But I realized that in recent Architecture / Interior Design of creative companies that office spaces and/or studios have moved towards working in more playful spaces to evoke creative thought and to reduce stress. (ex. Google offices) I want my space to be an installation that would appear inside a more corporate business space, that way adults that don't usually have the option to work in or take a break from work can adventure through this space and allow color and the environment to take them back to a child like state / outside of the usual neutral colored office spaces.  

Here's some examples & inspirations:

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