Friday, February 5

dp | wk 2 progress

I sent out my first important email from to my working list of 20 contributors :) 
This basically just filled everyone in on all the details & I've been scheduling studio visits for next week!! 

In other news:

  • goodman grant proposal completed and submitted 
  • BFA meeting opened a door for a potential release at Art Space during the BFA exhibition 
  • the list of contributors continues to grow 
  • instagram account is ready to go, will start building to it on studio visits 
  • logotype is decided 
  • i have announced the project on facebook and opened submissions for playlists

Here's what that email entailed: ________________________

dear contributors,

I'm thrilled to announce the beginning of Likewise magazine. Each of you have been chosen to contribute in some way & I'm so thankful for all of you, the frontrunners for this collective, having interest in being apart of it. 

Likewise magazine is an arts collective that believes all forms of art are of equal importance and should be treated as such. It is a reaction to my experience as an art student that the different majors become very separate after foundations year and graphic design even more separate than the other art majors. Contemporary art isn't so clear cut and often has overlap in many creative areas. Likewise magazine will strive to not only reflect that but also allow an opportunity for the artists involved to come together and create something that could not happen otherwise. 

YOU the contributors are essential to the success of this magazine. Because I will be curating what work is published, I'm requiring at least one studio visit (if you are local) so that we can talk about your practice and recent / upcoming projects. I want to be sure that your work is represented how you see fit. During this time we will also be posting "sneak peaks" or teasers via instagram so Likewise followers can know what to expect in this issue. 

So please contact me (via this email address) as soon as possible to set up our initial studio visit. 

Here's a list of the times I will be available:
Mondays from 8:00am-10:40am
Tuesdays from  11:00am-1:00pm
Thursday from 11:00am-1:00pm
Fridays from 11:40am-2:20pm

These are times that I know I will be able to meet, but if we need to schedule something else just let me know in the email and I'm sure we can work something out. It's extremely important that we start this conversation asap. Even if you don't have the final work created you think you will want published, we must start talking about what that project is in the next coming weeks.

DEADLINE:  Friday, March 11, 2016 
deadline for all content!!! 

If I do not have digital images of your work / have talked with you about your work by this date I will not be able to include it into the magazine. (& I really really don't want that)
The release will be sometime at the end of April (still in the works on location and date) 

Here's some further details: 


There will be a playlist section of the magazine. If you're interested in submitting a playlist you must turn in a physical CD with original album art as well as an email with the list of songs. It would be great if you named the playlist too. One will be chosen & burned to give out with "special edition" copies of the magazine. 

collaborative shoots~~

Once I start to visit your studios, I will set up a collaborative shoot that will showcase a few of your works together. In which Nelson Pereira will be the photographer & I will be the set design / stylist & Abbie Barker will be the hair stylist. This is super exciting!! So let me see your work asap so I can get a good group together.

solo spreads~~

A few selected artists will have solo spreads that will potentially be accompanied by an article written about their work by Siara Berry. 

I'm so excited to get started and look forward to working with you all. I am still on the hunt for more artists that I want to publish so feel free to give me any suggestions if you think you know someone that would be a good fit. Also I know this is a lengthy email, trying to fit in all the details, but if you do have further questions please let me know. 

Thank you so so much!! 

xoxo Sara Garrison


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