Friday, October 30

va: kids for diversity | the pitch

Today we met with Leslie and Heather to pitch our idea. We were pretty much on the same page the whole time and our feedback mostly involved how to execute the details and next steps. Leslie talked about how parents who express worries about French-immersion were reassured after speaking to recent alumni and students (ex. a parent not being able to help their kids with homework in French). One of the things we asked was how we could share the video, and they acted like it would not be a problem at all. Leslie noted she would be able to share it on social media sites. Another thing they mentioned was to rethink our audience because they have parents with very young children (ranging from unborn children to younger than a year).

Key points:

-Application period for AL (Jan 11 - Mar 3) to be included in video

-Open house is Nov. 17th and Jan. 23 (potential dates to show the video)

-Possible tagline: "We're a good school, but we want to get to great"

-Consider using a frog in the imagery to represent France

-Hit on how it is a French-speaking school, not a French school

-Privacy issues: create a draft for a release form

-Possible times to interview children: recess, 5-10 minutes out of class, weekends

-Dates to avoid interviewing: Nov 10, 12, 13, 24

-Importance of having a balance in the video about speaking in French, but not appearing elitist

-List of things that the school has to offer:

--door to door busing

--free uniform closet

--6 wk summer program (sort of like child care during the summer)

--can drop off students at 7:30am before school starts

--after school tutoring

--before and after school care

--the French-immersion aspect

--overall programs available

Next Steps...

We are going to design the email pdf that will go to the parents to tell them about this project. We also have to write up a draft for the release form for Leslie and Heather to use, as well as set up shooting dates to record.

ds: to death with a smile | presentation for critique

Thursday, October 29

ds: to death with a smile | digital bananas

I tried a few different approaches to make the banana less photographic and more digital. I'm not too crazy about any of these yet, but the second one is probably working most for me right now.

Wednesday, October 28

mx: toss a coin | interface exploration of one screen




ds: to death with a smile | continuing to push the poster

mx: toss a coin | kiosk interface exploration

This was exploration for the interface design. In the end we decided to reduce the amount of options that we want to give to the users. Yet the screen seems to work better in a dark background given that is a screen outdoors. This makes it easier to see under the sunlight.

Tuesday, October 27

mx: customizing fountain | beginning of web screens

ds: to death with a smile | the banana

After desk crit with Frank, I've taken his advice to push myself and try to create my own 3d digitally rendered banana. We also talked about how the banana could become a stronger element into the design system. Although anyone rarely (if ever) dies from slipping on a banana peel, it's still accepted as a playful idea of death. Especially in the viral world of gaming. My next step is to incorporate this new imagery of the banana into the previous designs I was working with and somehow bring it to be a more dominate element. 

Monday, October 26

va: new design practice presentation

In this innovative studio, Art Center’s commitment to global social and economic justice was inspired by and started with the Nike Foundation’s belief that adolescent girls can play a crucial role in solving the toughest problems facing the world. When a girl living in poverty has the chance to reach her full potential, she isn’t the only one who escapes the circumstances she was born into. She brings her family, community and country with her. This is called the Girl Effect.

Girl Effect works to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. They do this by connecting girls to each other and to the critical assets they need. They work to create lasting perception change by harnessing media in innovative ways and building social networks to develop girls' positive perceptions of themselves and shift how others see and value them. They take a girl-centred approach to the challenges they face. 

basic timeline for how they got started:

Nike Foundation focuses on adolescent girls as the unexpected solution to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

The Girl Effect movement is launched to global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos as the NoVo Foundation and NIKE Foundation commit $100M for girls. The Girl Effect film captures the world's attention.

The UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and NIKE Foundation collaborate to launch Girl Hub - to bring together the expertise of both organisations to transform the lives of adolescent girls. Girl Hub operates in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Rwanda, and advocates globally for girls.

The Clock is Ticking video launches at the Clinton Global Initiative to international acclaim.

Girl Effect announces partnership with, a Facebook-led initiative which aims to connect the two thirds of the world that don't have internet access, connecting girls across the globe.

Girl Effect launches as an independent organisation

Young girls team up with older mentors to create soap bars using affordable tools that encourage cooperation, creativity and income-generation centered on basic hygiene needs. The goal is to make the co-ops self-sustaining by passing down knowledge from older to younger girls.

Since girls in poverty are the best voices to tell others what girls in poverty need, this affordable camera offers girls an outlet to express themselves and document their lives in a creative manner; the uploaded images are also valuable resources for social service offering direct insight to best plan and design effective programs. 

With a lack of knowledge, privacy and resources, young girls often avoid school during their menstruation cycle, which could lead to educational setbacks. Engaging girls before they start puberty, the Tombi kit would answer questions, alleviate fears and provide tools for girls to discreetly take care of themselves.

Preparing meals often monopolizes a young girl’s waking day and limits her school attendance, social interactions and potential value in the community. Often a girl has only one large knife in her possession, likely passed down from older generations. The multifaceted Bahu food prep tool streamlines the cutting, peeling, crushing and rolling process into one curved-shaped tool (with a built-in sharpener) that is ergonomically designed for a young girl’s hands.

mx: script | first draft

problem: Other than sports, there isn’t a way for everyone with Kansas City pride to connect, celebrate, and give back. Especially for people who live outside of the city, but still want to be apart of it in some way.

solution: toss a coin

  • Because Kansas City is the “city of fountains,” we are utilizing existing fountains that the people are already proud of.
  • people can give back to the city they love by “tossing a coin” virally into the fountain
  • they are rewarded with power over the fountain for a certain amount of time. with functions such as color of lights, water color, digital message, direction in which the water moves, and also scheduling time of show.
  • live stream gives the people outside of the city access
  • accepting donations from as small as 50 cents to as large as desired, pulls from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds
  • the mobile component gives multiple functions other than donating, such as browsing past water shows, seeing upcoming events to go watch & invite friends, and group donations.      
  • the fountain itself already brings people together, but having them connect to reach a goal for the city and then design a water show together, makes that connection stronger.
  • the fountain’s water shows provides a celebration of the city for people to not only experience but also create.

unique functionality to highlight:

For web we want to highlight someone giving a larger donation, and showing the process of them creating their personalized water show, as well as, setting the date and time for it to air.

For mobile we want to highlight someone finding out about an upcoming event and inviting a friend.

For the fountain kiosk we want to highlight the small donations and group donations. This acts more like a remote and the fountain would react right in front of you.


I want to introduce you to Toss-a-coin!
If you don't know what it is then I will explain it to you.
Toss-a-Coin is a initiative and a platform that utilizes Kansas City's fountains as a city pride's landmark and a hub to allow the community to contribute in the form of donations to an specific cause, and initially to the preservation of the cities fountains.

But wait! There is more...
Remember we called Toss-a-coin a platform. Well, that is because it is an interactive experience. We aren't just going to take your money without letting you have some fun and joy!
This platform will let you interact with our fountains when you approach them. For example you can create  a fountain show with a message as a gift for your significant other! So why don't you toss-a-coin in the fountain and have a grand ol' good time!?

Let me walk you through step by step:
( walkthrough for each platform is different)

for the console.

In the menu (interface) you have many tools to customize the show. But first you have to choose the amount that you want to donate, and don't worry not amount is too small for you to be able to enjoy the experience. Then, it is time to get to it! and there are some fun things that you can do with the fountain. For example: you can change the color of the water coming out the spouts in the fountain.... you can also change its movement... lastly you can write a message for everyone and your loved ones to see.

for desktop

Same as above but adding: You can also create a big show for someone you love or for an specific celebration (go royals!?). Then you can set the time and date that you want the show to happen and then you are set. Enjoy your magnificent masterpiece buddy!

for mobile

Revise customization and add: From your phone you can keep track of any events happening at the fountain as well as setting up calendar notifications.

Another way that you can donate towards a good cause is by donating during special events. These events will have a goal to which a collective effort is needed. Everyone that donates can have a part in the way the fountain show behaves in the end result. The end result being a magnificent show and celebration of the collective achievement.

Toss-a-coin stimulates the communities interaction with the city's fountains. This also grants individuals a new way to donate and contribute to the development of the city and causes for good.
This also gives Kansas City a city of fountains a unique way to utilize fountains in a purposeful and fun way which integrates the community with their city.

So Toss-a-coin and make KC better!