Tuesday, October 6

ds: final stages | progress

horizontal logo   

final direction 

(other explorations that I'm not throwing out yet)

Sunday, October 4

va: prototyping

We just want to reiterate what our big idea is, which is below. First and foremost, we want to focus on the students themselves, and bridge the gap between the coordinators of AL Expansion and the students (which involves one of the biggest reasons for the backlash of the partnership between AL and Southwest HS). There seems to be a disconnect between what goes on behind the scenes of expansion and knowing what the students needs/wants are. Through involving the students more in the process and giving the kids ownership of expansion, we want to ease the process of merging the schools.

THE BIG IDEA: A campaign to prioritize the students involved in the failed partnership between AL and Southwest High School and empower them by giving them a platform to voice their opinions/feel heard.

-Improve the perception of AL, getting more people onboard with the partnership
-increase enrollment of minorities at AL
-reach parents, community leaders, those involved in Expansion in a different/more impactful way. Refreshing, rather than hearing it from an adult on the opposing side.
-any big changes made to either school will be made considering the experiences of the students, as well as what they want and need to change
-build a relationship between students at AL and SW
-as well as building awareness for parents of the students needs at the opposing school

-Empower the students
-Give kids a sense of ownership over the issue
-raise awareness of what the students actually want and need /
rather than just doing “what is best” for the students

SUBSETS (things that may be involved in the campaign)
-Utilizing social media and trends to speak to kids
-A translating tool to help kids communicate between schools (French and English)
-Some sort of platform that will allow anyone access to the issue
-Using student's original artwork as design elements for the campaign

va: initial inspiration

mood board:

I really like this idea of taking a kid's drawing and turning it into something. I feel like this could be something where we take drawings or whatever from art activities with the kids and then turn them into digital illustrations. This could be apart of the brand or the process of developing a logo. 


mx: the event (third platform) planning

We're beginning to organize the event and start to imagine how things will be designed at the event. We want to incorporate the functionality of our logo in the space as well. 

exploring different applications

this shows using the "made in kc" logo as navigation on lamp posts and tents. 
This is where we imagine printmakers and other artists selling goods would be.
There would also be tents and lampposts utilizing the other sections as well, such as food. 

possible ideas for shopping bags

we also thought volunteers running the event could have a t-shirt so that people attending will know who to ask for help or info. exploring different applications here as well. 

mx: brand incorporated into wires

Other than just the branding style, we've also added "search" to be a major component in our mobile and web. We realized that our previous design was limiting and time consuming. We were only thinking about the user discovering things through using the device instead of also considering the user that comes to the app or web knowing what they want to find. So we're having the search bar be very dominate and the first thing you see, so you can just simply search what KC has to offer. But we're still keeping our 4 major sections (community, food, made in KC, and places/events) so a user could browse as well. 

We've decided to add a splash page onto the website, so we image that the logo would be changing. The following images show exploration of color and application. 

This shows a user using the search bar with quick results popping up. They wouldn't even have to enter the main site. It's just a quick and clean search.

Once you enter the main site, we were thinking it could be image heavy and then type would reveal on hover. (notice the logo changes with the hover) Here we are also showing how the search would work once in the main site. 

 This shows the user entering the "places + events" section. (notice the logo changes again, functioning / corresponding with the section)

We also added the "add to calendar" option once they are in an event that they want to attend.