Thursday, September 24

va: reading response

he might be giant: shepard fairey by michael dooley

This article made me realize that something very small, such as a sketch of a giant, can become something much bigger and meaningful. A constant struggle I think most people in our class at the beginning was figuring out something we could do in a semester that could still be impactful. Shepard Fairey was a student when he sketched his iconic image and it's turned into something much much bigger than that. This proves that we are definitely capable of coming up with an idea that has potential to grow. I also like the fact that what he was doing starting out was fairly low budget, stickers / stencils / wheat paste. Without creating something like an app, that anyone can connect to digitally, he was still able to impact a ton of people.

adbuster: veronique vienne interviews kalle lasn by varonique vienne 

I love that this article addresses the problem of designing to sell. If we designers only focus on that, we are somewhat reasonable for the psychological consequences. This quote was very powerful to me, "That is why we cannot rely on our clients to set ethical standards. That's why it is so important for our profession to come up with its own codes." I think designers do rely too heavily on the client in this way. It's like oh it's just my job to sell their product. But it could be so much more of a conversation between designer and client on how the design can affect the consumer. Adbusters is definitely doing it's part in creating awareness, but I feel like their imagery is absorbed and appreciated and then quickly forgotten. I wonder how they could expand to create long lasting impressions that create an urgency for change.

VA: Refined Problem Statement + Big Ideas


How can we promote integration of KC through raising awareness and improving the perception of AL?


1: branding for expansion

  • What are the desired outcomes? give AL a new image East of Troost 
  • How could a systematic approach achieve those? We would go to meeting with committee, learn their goals, and design accordingly. 
  • Consider the basic components you’d need. 
    • AL logo & approval to use it. 
    • permission to advertise in business
    • resources for printing cost 
    • find out if AL has design requirements / design guide  
  • What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? Meeting with the committee and prototyping with them.  Survey students. 

2: info graphs & posters along Troost

  • What are the desired outcomes?  people East of Troost to be aware of AL & enroll their children
  • How could a systematic approach achieve those? Gather impactful information, create engaging info graphs, incorporate those into posters, and find locations to place them. 
  • Consider the basic components you’d need. 
    • permission to advertise in businesses 
    • possibly meet with a teacher at AL to gather impactful information 
    • survey business owners and parents / survey random people for general stats (what they know about AL) 
  • What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? same as above 

3: spacial PSA

  • What are the desired outcomes?  for people to feel a sense of urgency about the need for diversity & want to enroll their kid to AL  
  • How could a systematic approach achieve those? 
    • gathering more in depth information
    • choosing a prime location and time to set up PSA
  • Consider the basic components you’d need. 
    • legal issues with setting up spacial PSA in the public realm 
    • resources & money for materials 
    • equipment for experience (maybe: speakers, mic, projector, etc.) 
  • What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? We would be getting live reactions during the PSA. We could also interview people afterwards about their experience. 

4: commercial / radio broadcast

  • What are the desired outcomes? expose lack of knowledge about integration and show what KC people think of education / AL  
  • How could a systematic approach achieve those? 
    • come up a set of provoking questions to ask people
    • come up with a method to get people talking 
    • getting the right equipment (possibly camera / mic) 
    • make people feel comfortable in interacting 
  • Consider the basic components you’d need.
    • location for interviews 
    • rely heavily  on interaction with people 
    • equipment 
  • What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? Look up existing videos that inspired this idea. 

5: "humans of KC" 

  • What are the desired outcomes? reveal the diversity that already exists through photography 
  • How could a systematic approach achieve those? 
    • figure out a way for people to feel comfortable to get their photograph taken 
    • accurate representation of the demographic 
    • pick two locations such as Troost and Plaza. Take pictures there of the people you see. Organize the pictures in a diverse way to show how diverse our area could be then reveal which pictures were taken at which location to show how segregated it really is. 
  • Consider the basic components you’d need.
    • possibly a photographer or someone we could work with
    • come up with questions to guide us 
    • camera/ equipment  
  • What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? targeting ways on how to approach people. 

Tuesday, September 22

ds: packaging | possible direction

Going off of my "scientific" approach with the name XYXX. I researched more about chromosomes and realized that literally every living thing has them. Including bacteria, which is what we want to get rid of when focusing on our hygiene. But also things that smell wonderful and are extremely useful have DNA and chromosomes, such as strawberries. But I wanted to choose something more "gender neutral" so I'm thinking about hygienic products that are all natural and made from aloe and honey. The benefits of these two things are unreal and would appeal to both men and women. Personally, I think that branding for things that are all natural usually means extremely boring. I want to try and simplify the concept of chromosomes and DNA stylistically by using geometry. So my goal is to give the all natural / scientific vibe without the bland look. 

ds: packaging | sketches + other ideas

mx: revisiting wireframes | process

We revisited our previous mobile wireframes and added a few more screens. We've also picked a location for our kick starter event (3rd Platform) and started to imagine the way the space will be organized. We choose the West Bottoms because we think that's a location that needs some attention and it's just logically works providing enough space. Our next steps are to incorporate the mobile app into the event space. We are going to have beacons set up at the entrances of the event that will pop up options to use at the event, such as coupons & uploading photos.

option one: 
have things physically organized like they would be on a website, into categories. 
So having one location for food, etc. This makes for easy navigation but not
much intermingling with different companies. 

option two: 
have things all mixed up and incorporated together, more like a fair or something.
This kinda goes off our goal for people to discover things they wouldn't normally go up to. 
But the problem is that it could get confusing & difficult to navigate.