Friday, May 8

PP: what was said during the interview

So I interviewed with Abby and I think it went pretty well. We mainly looked at my print portfolio and talked about my work. She said that overall my identity looked professional, but there were just some minor details that needed to be refined. (such as spacing / kerning) She mentioned "Dustin Maberry" as someone for me to contact, she said he would love my identity. So I added him on behance and facebook, hopefully will be in contact with him. When she turned my business card upside down, she asked what if people read my name as "RA-SA" and then I jokingly told her that, that was my ultra ego. Then we talked about how great it would be to brand myself in 2 parts,  "Ra-Sa" as my crazy weird process self and then "Sa-Ra" as my refined design self. I definitely liked this idea and I think it fits into my personality. We also talked about BikeWalkKC, and had a mutual friend, Rachel. She mentioned that she was at the Cookbook release party and I was pleased to tell her that I designed the cover of that zine. Overall it went really well and it was nice to hear advice from an outside perspective.

Thursday, May 7

PP: Interview Prep

After doing some research on my interviewer: Micah Barta, I made a personalized take away for him. This is a monster illustration I did for a package redesign, on top of the gradient used for my branding, with a light hearted thank you. He does many of his own monster illustrations, so I thought it would be a nice thing for him to keep. I'll attach my business card to this :) 

Sunday, May 3

IA: infograph redesign for collection website

This is a long scroll for the "stats" pg. Going off this idea of "stats", my info graphs are quick facts about Nintendo 64 in the form of a narrative. I still need to mess around with the language a little bit to make it flow better. And ideally I'd like to add in the top 10 game list with photos of the games that show up within the collection.

UX: final kc big picnic!