Wednesday, April 22

PP: reading response

Plain Talk About Learning and A Life... in Design

The beginning when it talks about the early life of a designer, is very relevant to our practice here at KCAI. At first I didn't really agree with the idea that a designer has this responsibly to understand "science", but once it further explained the fusing between the two: design and science, I realized that luckily that's the only type of design I've ever known as I've only studied it here in our department. So that was very refreshing, but then it was followed by something very discouraging. It said that within 5 years of graduation, that deeper satisfaction is lacking and lots of people will switch jobs or even professions. This is something I definitely want to avoid feeling, which just reiterates my theory I've had that I can't get stuck in a routine. If my work is constantly changing then I'll be constantly faced with a new problem to solve, hopefully keeping the emotional reward there for me. Now I just gotta find out what job will do that for me. I'm also not opposed to the idea of grad school by any means, but I definitely don't think it's essential to being a successful designer. But for me, I can imagine that I'll be itching to get back into the atmosphere of a classroom. The brief history on design section provided some news that I was happy to read: research is becoming extremely important in the design world. Research is what gives design purpose. I thought it was really great advice for those considering graduate school, that when choosing which school to get your masters that you should take into account the philosophy of design there to see if it matches with the growth you want as a designer. Lastly, the brief summary of grad school for a designer was extremely convincing.

PP: beginning of print portfolio

Tuesday, April 21

PP: email blast

For the emailable pdf, I thought I would just simply remind them 
that we have a meeting / interview and give them my URL to 
check out my work beforehand. 

IA: collection website design comps

splash pg

when mouse moves, options appear

hover state

full collection pg

if the user hits the controller in the corner, 
it will overlay, functioning like a menu 

hover state on full collection pg

single game pg