Wednesday, February 18

PP: Identity Mark, Resume, Cover Letter, & Bio

Identity Mark:

Artist Statement: 

Cover Letter: 

Resume (just the type / still working on design):

Sara Garrison
420 E Armour Blvd. Apt. 8CW
Kansas City, MO 64109


BikeWalkKC / Kansas City B-Cycle Graphic Design Intern (August 2014-January 2015)

Working along side the in-house designer, I worked on a variety of different design projects. Being the only intern at the time allowed me to take on most of the design responsibility for this small non-profit. Producing mostly print material including safety information stickers, basket ads, promotional brochures, and info graphics. I creativity directed a branding project for their “Walk to School” campaign, coming up with designs for bags, safety vest, information booklets, banners, etc. Lastly, I worked on setting large amounts of type in an informational booklet given to potential sponsors.

Urban Outfitters Sales Associate        (March 2014- August 2014)

Although this job requires basic skills, it taught me how to speak and sell to customers. Working in retail, especially for such a large company, requires everyone to work as a team. Which meant constant communication with my co-workers to make sure that everything would get finished in a timely manner. Urban Outfitters’ creative atmosphere kept me up to date on current trends and styles in a variety of different creative influences: clothing, display, and graphic design.

Traveling Nanny            (November 2011)

While taking basic care of a three year old, I traveled to India and cared for a child on flights and duration of the trip. This experience taught me responsibility at a young age and exposed me to an entirely different way of life. While on this trip I took advantage of the beautiful culture and begin my interest in travel photography. One photo from the trip won an award in Arkansas Young Artists Association that year.


Kansas City Art Institute (2012-expected graduation May 2016)
Working towards a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Aesthetic Apparatus Workshop (April 2014)
Dan Ibarra visited KCAI in April for a lecture and workshop. A few students were selected from both the Graphic Design and Illustration department for a workshop on how to creatively push the limits of copyright laws.

People to People Student Ambassador (July 2011)
After studying the Australian culture for a year (2010-2011) with the People to People organization, I traveled through Australia for three weeks as an American representative in a foreign exchange education. Keeping a travel journal and photography over the duration of the trip.

SCAD Summer Seminars (June 2011)
Intensive pre-college program in which I completed two classes in art related education. 

Little Rock Central High School (August 2008-June 2012)
Learning the basics of my education, I took two art classes every year including drawing, painting, photography, jewelry, and mixed media.


BikeWalkKC Sponsorship Event    (December 2014)
Worked as a greeter / informational person for guest attending the event.

Rose Brooks Battered Woman Shelter     (August 2012-May 2013)
Meeting once a week, we did crafts with kids that had been through domestic violence. We also took a weekend and painted a mural for the children’s communal playroom.

Academy for Integrated Arts   (August 2012-May 2013)                   
Taught a collage class to kindergarten students once a week. 

KCAI ArtPlay Events   (August 2012- currently when needed)
Promotion of events as well as event design / decoration.

Arkansas Department of Human Services (Foster Care)  (Annual event in December since 2010)
Gathered donations as well as putting together and sponsoring an annual Christmas party for children without a family.


Copywriting slogans/catch phrases
Creative Direction


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Audition


KCAI Dean’s List Honors Award
Honored in AIGA A10 Show

Tuesday, February 17

PP: Reading Response

Keeping up e-apperances: How to busy your digital dirt

_the key to managing your online reputation is to spend more time online, not less
_illusion of only communicating with close peers
_boundaries between your work identity and social identity disappear online
_staying anonymous online doesn't always protect your reputation
_the digital trial section of this reading was kinda of terrifying how easily someone can find your address and everything else about you. Makes me feel unsafe
_I totally agree with the idea that personal PR is becoming more common, especially among younger generations.
_flooding the search engine is the best way to improve your reputation
_focus on improving the first page of search results, people are lazy and won't usually look beyond that according to the "law of surfing"
_"important" sites (linked,Facebook, etc.) carry more weight on search engine results

How to use Facebook's New Timeline Feature (and hide your embarrassing old posts)

_because timeline has been around for a little bit now, most of this was just refreshing what I've learned overtime but there were some things that I no idea I could do:
_the adding events to your timeline section was interesting. I was not aware that you could add things to prior dates and arrange them into the order you prefer
_ also, being able to "limit old posts" in privacy settings is also a function I wasn't aware of!

PP: Social Media Updates

Made a LinkedIn account and got 40 Connections & I guess my profile is getting "advanced" (yay) 

Added some local designers / creatives on Bechance! 

IA: Persona & Task Scenarios

Persona: Gary Garrison 

What is the age of your person? 55
What is the gender of your person? male
What is the highest level of education this person has received? bachelor's degree in finance 
How much work experience does your person have? over 25 years 
What is your person's professional background? president & founder at Asset Protection Group & Wealth Management // financial advisor 
Why will they come to the site? for general updates about the local communtiy 
Where (or from whom) else is this person getting information about your issue or similar programs or services? KARK, other local news 
When and where will the user access the site? (user environment and context) Probably at work when he's checking emails and just reading news for the day. 
What technological devices does your person use on a regular basis? Macbook / iPhone / TV
What software and / or applications does your primarily access the web for information? Safari 
How much time does your person spend browsing the web every day? roughly an hour all together

Task Scenarios 


splash page

home page

hover over article on home page

hover over section on home page

food and farm page

hover over article on food and farm page


Monday, February 16

UX: Video Progress

We've filmed majority of the live action! Just a few more shots to capture. We're working on editing that now. Since the first story board, we've decided to incorporate more visual elements.

1. Comics
We're going to use scanned in imagery from 1980's Mad Comics books. These characters will represent our actors "creativity & ideas" at the beginning of the video. It also connects back to the light box / early animation / etc.

some examples:

2. At the end of the video, we wanted to show the light box being used but hadn't worked out what exactly we were gonna do yet. Now we decided to use a few different sheets to draw our own image, (a) showing the intensity of the light (b) showing creativity (c) showing humor. This section of the video will be a time lapse. 

Here's the images we are pulling from: 

3. Rewrote some of the type from earlier to make it more legible.