Thursday, February 12

Pro Practice: Artist's Statement

I am not a puritan. I’m part designer, seeing and respecting all things through a designer’s lens with love and respect for the creative potential of ideas that need to function and communicate with the public. But there's another part of me that is a messy, unrefined, juvenile with the need to learn through experimentation. Constantly feeling the emotional tug to create work that reflects my ideas. Therefore I consider myself a creative, complex, and up for a challenge. I find inspiration in America’s popular culture, although I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, respecting aesthetics of many cultures. My unapologetic sense of humor compliments my experimental design style. Mixing illustration, digital photography, handwritten typography, and digital type is a puzzling process that I enjoy solving. Lastly, I’m part intellectual and my work tends to create conceptual puzzles for the viewer. Problem solving is what initially attracted me to design, so I strive to create visually pleasing work with underlining yet bold messages that comment on my ideas about our society. These messages will not come to the viewer at a first glance, but that’s what makes the discovery all the more rewarding and exciting.

Pro Practice: Please Excuse Formatting for Drafts

My computer has a virus right now and it's making my blog post look crazy. Please excuse the horrid formatting for now. Luckily these are just drafts, but my final resumes / cover letter / etc will not look like this. Thanks!

Pro Practice: Rough Resume

Sara Garrison
420 E Armour Blvd. Apt. 8CW
Kansas City, MO 64109


BikeWalkKC / Kansas City B-Cycle Graphic Design Intern                         August 2014-January 2015

Working along side the in-house designer, I worked on a variety of different design projects. Being the only intern at the time allowed me to take on most of the design responsibility for this small non-profit. Producing mostly print material including safety information stickers, basket ads, promotional brochures, and info graphics. I creativity directed a branding project for their “Walk to School” campaign, coming up with designs for bags, safety vest, information booklets, banners, etc. Lastly, I worked on setting large amounts of type in an informational booklet given to potential sponsors.

Urban Outfitters Sales Associate                                                                March 2014- August 2014

Although this job requires pretty basic skills, it taught me how to speak and sell to customers. Working in retail, especially for such a large company requires everyone to work as a team. Which meant constant communication with my co-workers to make sure that everything would get finished in a timely manner. Urban Outfitters creative atmosphere kept me up to date on current trends and styles in a variety of different creative influences: clothing, display, and graphic design.

Traveling Nanny                                                                                                            November 2011

While taking basic care of a three year old, I traveled to India and cared for a child on flights and duration of the trip. This experience taught me responsibility at a young age and exposed me to an entirely different way of life. While on this trip I took advantage of the beautiful culture and begin my interest in travel photography. One photo from the trip won an award in Arkansas Young Artists Association that year.


Kansas City Art Institute  (2012-expected graduation May 2016)
Working towards a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Aesthetic Apparatus Workshop (April 2014)
Dan Ibarra visited KCAI in April for a lecture and workshop. A few students were selected from both the Graphic Design and Illustration department for a workshop on how to creatively push the limits of copyright laws.

People to People Student Ambassador  (July 2011)

After studying the Australian culture for a year (2010-2011) with the People to People organization, I traveled through Australia for three weeks as an American representative in a foreign exchange education. Keeping a travel journal and photography over the duration of the trip.

SCAD Summer Seminars  (June 2011)
Intensive pre-college program in which I completed two classes in art related education. 

Little Rock Central High School  (August 2008-June 2012)
Learning the basics of my education, I took two art classes every year including drawing, painting, photography, jewelry, and mixed media.


Rose Brooks Battered Woman Shelter                                                         August 2012-May 2013
Meeting once a week, we did crafts with kids that had been through domestic violence. We also took a weekend and painted a mural for the children’s communal playroom.

BikeWalkKC Sponsorship Event                                                                            December 2014
Worked as a greeter / informational person for guest attending the event.

Arkansas Department of Human Services (Foster Care)              Annual event in December since 2010
Gathered donations as well as putting together and sponsoring an annual Christmas party for children without a family.

KCAI ArtPlay Events                                                                                          August 2012-
Promotion of events as well as event design / decoration.

Academy for Integrated Arts                                                             August 2012-May 2013                       
Taught a collage class to kindergarten students once a week. 


Copywriting slogans/catch phrases
Creative Direction


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Audition


KCAI Dean’s List Honors Award

Honored in AIGA A10 Show

UX: Test Shoots / Graphic Elements

On Tuesday, Derrick and I met with our actor, Nick Turner to go over our plans and take some test shots. It went really well and we're excited to work with Nick because he himself is using this as a learning experience. He mentioned that he wanted to become more comfortable in front of the camera, so I'm pleased to provide a safe environment for that! Plus it's a win win for everyone.

We just shot some different sections from our storyboard to get a feel for lighting and camera quality, as well as getting Nick comfortable working with us. We plan to use this footage to mess around with different motion graphics ideas, different trials. But we've renting a lighting kit and set up time for shooting actual footage Monday at my apartment. 

Test Shots 

Type for Video 

Pro Practice: Refining Identity Mark

refined the spacing & aligned the diagonal just right 
then I experimented with taking out the A's crossbars

Wednesday, February 11

Pro Practice: Applying to Hallmark Internship

Hallmark Key Word Search

overall key words: innovative, enrich, variety, collaborate, open, honest, friendly

key words: research, identification, translation, product application, trends, print & digital, passion for color, fashion, & research, diverse, collaborative, branding, advertising

key words: conceptual, tasteful, diverse, warmth, emotion, hand-drawn lettering, original font designs, illustration skills, campaign solutions, maker skills, craft, self-starter, curious, willing to learn, collaborative

Tailored Resume (Rough)

Tailored Cover Letter (rough)

Monday, February 9

Info Arch: html game

How does positioning with code inform the info arch of your website?

It informs the function of the info of the website. We learned two different positions: floating & fixed.  The color boxes are floating and can scroll. The black box doesn't move and hovers over as the colored boxed scroll underneath.