Friday, November 6

va: degree project | proposal

A collective magazine that is a piece of art.  Each element of the design will be by a variety of artists; photography, painters, designers, illustrators, hand lettering artist etc. Even elements like the title typography of a new section will be custom and credited as a piece of art would be in a gallery show. Because the magazine will be curated and the pieces would follow a central theme. 

other elements:
    • art ranging from 3D illustrations , photography, other design work, paintings, sculpture, etc. - will all be curated with a central theme
    • motion - animation - video / film work can use stills within the magazine but there will also be an instagram account that showcases things like this
I picked this as a topic because I feel really lucky as a designer to be surrounded by so many talented artists. I think it truly enhances design, being immersed in the arts. I want this to be very collaborative to show how all types of artists can work together to create something beautiful. Everyone involved in the process will be credited with equal value. I also want to break conventions of magazine / editorial design and elevate print design to be seen as a piece of art. 
It's also commentary on how graphic designers are always pushed to the background in the art world and rarely credited for their work. (or at least to the same level as a fine artist) Too often designers are seen as a tool and not an artist.
Lastly, the process will force me to network and collaborate with a large amount of people in the area (but not limited to). Also I feel like I've converted from artist to designer through my experience at kcai, and I want to prove to myself that I can create something that is considered art as my final exit to art school.

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