Sunday, November 8

va: degree project | initial inspiration research

After pitching my degree project idea in class on Friday, I got lots of great suggestions for magazines to look at for inspiration. I just wanted to post them all in one place for future reference!

I also went to Half Priced Books on Friday night and found some really great (and really cheap) design books that I think will help me with my research.

  • The Book of Hearts by Francesa Gavin 
    • This book has a very simple theme: hearts. It showcases many different artists and the way they rendered the symbol. There is a wide variety in artistic methods and metaphors, even interpretations of a heart but the book is cohesive for that one simple reason.
    • I feel like this might be a successful way to string together work from so many different types of art. Just finding one universal idea that can be taken in a multitude of ways. 
  • Finger Print by Chen Design Associates 
    • This book explores the art of using handmade elements in graphic design.
    • I think this book could help me learn how to utilize artist's handmade work in a digital way. It could also help me think of different ways to design that it can maybe feel more hand rendered - elevating it to a higher form of art. 
  • Non Traditional Design by Mike Quon 
    • This book explores the imaginative, far out and innovative, trend setting visual styles. 
    • This will provide inspiration for how I can break conventions of magazine design by studying examples of designers that have done so successfully.    

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