Sunday, November 8

ds: to death with a smile | progress



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tv stack_

For the spatial component, I want to do a tv stack with 3 screens. So instead of wall graphics, there would be sets of the older style televisions (big chunky 90's tvs) sitting around stacked on top of each other. I want to utilize the idea of a loop and have the banana character fall from one screen to the next. This would be like when playing a video game and your character walks all the way to the right and just enters again from the left of the screen. I've started animating the first and second screens but there's still a lot of work to be done, so I didn't feel like it was worth it to upload them yet. 

basic outline:

(first screen or top tv) The banana runs across the screen from left to right revealing the title: to death with a smile. Then falls from the top and zooms in on the face, the banana winks and then shrinks again. Type appears that says: Next Level. then the banana falls into the next screen.

(second screen or middle tv) Before the banana appears (and while the first screen is going), the grid is floating in the middle of the screen. The black sideways smile face emerges from the grid. then the banana falls and lands on the grid. The grid moves to the left, causing the banana to slip and fall into the third screen.

(third screen or bottom tv) This screen will be flashing from blue - white. Once the banana falls it stays blue. Then it will zoom into the face and his eyes will be X's. It will shrink again and then read "game over." 

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