Monday, October 26

mx: script | first draft

problem: Other than sports, there isn’t a way for everyone with Kansas City pride to connect, celebrate, and give back. Especially for people who live outside of the city, but still want to be apart of it in some way.

solution: toss a coin

  • Because Kansas City is the “city of fountains,” we are utilizing existing fountains that the people are already proud of.
  • people can give back to the city they love by “tossing a coin” virally into the fountain
  • they are rewarded with power over the fountain for a certain amount of time. with functions such as color of lights, water color, digital message, direction in which the water moves, and also scheduling time of show.
  • live stream gives the people outside of the city access
  • accepting donations from as small as 50 cents to as large as desired, pulls from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds
  • the mobile component gives multiple functions other than donating, such as browsing past water shows, seeing upcoming events to go watch & invite friends, and group donations.      
  • the fountain itself already brings people together, but having them connect to reach a goal for the city and then design a water show together, makes that connection stronger.
  • the fountain’s water shows provides a celebration of the city for people to not only experience but also create.

unique functionality to highlight:

For web we want to highlight someone giving a larger donation, and showing the process of them creating their personalized water show, as well as, setting the date and time for it to air.

For mobile we want to highlight someone finding out about an upcoming event and inviting a friend.

For the fountain kiosk we want to highlight the small donations and group donations. This acts more like a remote and the fountain would react right in front of you.


I want to introduce you to Toss-a-coin!
If you don't know what it is then I will explain it to you.
Toss-a-Coin is a initiative and a platform that utilizes Kansas City's fountains as a city pride's landmark and a hub to allow the community to contribute in the form of donations to an specific cause, and initially to the preservation of the cities fountains.

But wait! There is more...
Remember we called Toss-a-coin a platform. Well, that is because it is an interactive experience. We aren't just going to take your money without letting you have some fun and joy!
This platform will let you interact with our fountains when you approach them. For example you can create  a fountain show with a message as a gift for your significant other! So why don't you toss-a-coin in the fountain and have a grand ol' good time!?

Let me walk you through step by step:
( walkthrough for each platform is different)

for the console.

In the menu (interface) you have many tools to customize the show. But first you have to choose the amount that you want to donate, and don't worry not amount is too small for you to be able to enjoy the experience. Then, it is time to get to it! and there are some fun things that you can do with the fountain. For example: you can change the color of the water coming out the spouts in the fountain.... you can also change its movement... lastly you can write a message for everyone and your loved ones to see.

for desktop

Same as above but adding: You can also create a big show for someone you love or for an specific celebration (go royals!?). Then you can set the time and date that you want the show to happen and then you are set. Enjoy your magnificent masterpiece buddy!

for mobile

Revise customization and add: From your phone you can keep track of any events happening at the fountain as well as setting up calendar notifications.

Another way that you can donate towards a good cause is by donating during special events. These events will have a goal to which a collective effort is needed. Everyone that donates can have a part in the way the fountain show behaves in the end result. The end result being a magnificent show and celebration of the collective achievement.

Toss-a-coin stimulates the communities interaction with the city's fountains. This also grants individuals a new way to donate and contribute to the development of the city and causes for good.
This also gives Kansas City a city of fountains a unique way to utilize fountains in a purposeful and fun way which integrates the community with their city.

So Toss-a-coin and make KC better!

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