Wednesday, October 14

mx: Rapid Prototype Exercise

idea one:
You could visit online and watch a live feed of a fountain, if you choose the option to “throw in a coin” (actually charging you 50 cents or whatever, the physical fountain would react in real time. Maybe spray out colors or depending on the time of day… flash some lights. The money would go towards the expenses and keeping the fountains clean / functional. There would also be a screen on site near the fountain that said “Enjoy the beauty of KC fountains, Someone in New York misses this!”

idea two:

There could be fountain quiz on our mobile / web, kind of like a buzz feed thing but tailored to KC…. Like “how much do you really know about KC fountains?” or “Take the KC Fountain Challenge.” This would quiz you on the location and imagery incorporated into the fountains. By doing this quiz you would reveal which ones you spend the most time with and the ones you don’t really know about. After getting your results, it would then prompt you to explore the fountains you scored low on and explore / learn more about them.


Once Chris, Derick, and I discussed our ideas from the 10 min rapid prototyping, we decided to incorporate the first idea I had into the event. We are thinking that KC Plex will be more of a foundation raising money for the city, bringing people together through the fountain idea rather than just by using existing businesses. This way people who no longer live in KC can still be apart of the city. The money raised would be utilized for anything regarding city improvements. "Throw a coin" can gain contribution from as small as 10 cents to really however much money you want to donate into the city. It will be a fun interactive experience with the fountain reacting to your donation! 

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