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We've decided to change our direction. KC plex will be more like foundation that raises money for the city & uses the fountains as a platform. This idea still meets our goal to bring together people of the city, but instead of using food + goods, we will use the fountains that everyone is already proud of. We are also focusing on the things that Garret mentioned, giving Status, Power, and Access for people that "throw a coin." For right now we are just fleshing out the plaza fountain as a starting point for the foundation, but hypothetically if this went well then we could implement these features onto other fountains.

How it works:

The website will be more functional for people outside of the city who want to donate or people who are not on site with the fountain. When you first enter the site, there will be a live stream video of the fountain playing with the option to "throw a coin". Coin options will appear starting with low donations like 50 cents, or $10. The last coin will be custom so you can enter the amount you want to donate. The more you give, the more options you have on how to customize the reaction of the fountain. For example you can choose what colors will spray out of the water, what lights will flash, what message you want to send, what music you want to play, and what time you want your personalized water show to begin. The cameras will also record your show and send it to you so you can always enjoy and relive the moment.

For example, if you wanted to propose in front of the fountain. You could pre-set all of the options, and be there physically later for the experience to begin. The message on the screen could be "Lisa, Will you marry me?" and the song that played could be a love song and the colors could be her favorite colors or something.

Or it could be someone out of town who wants to watch the reactions live and the message could me, "David in NYC misses Kansas City, Enjoy the beauty of the city."

very initial digital wires:

The mobile app could be more for people who are physically in front of the fountain and want to use the phone as like a remote control for fun little features. It would also have video clips of shows that other people have done so you can watch water shows that have happened before or it could say go to the Plaza at 5pm for a big show coming up. So this would be like small donations giving little directions. Like give $5 and you can choose what colors come out of the water for a min or two. The mobile would also have a section that saves your water show videos, so you could show people later on, hey look at what I did with the fountain earlier today.

3rd platform: fountain 
Our third platform is now just the fountain itself. The screen and all the functions it can do. Which are play music, flash lights, spray colored water, and display a message.

example of how it would react during the day:

& night:

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