Sunday, October 4

mx: brand incorporated into wires

Other than just the branding style, we've also added "search" to be a major component in our mobile and web. We realized that our previous design was limiting and time consuming. We were only thinking about the user discovering things through using the device instead of also considering the user that comes to the app or web knowing what they want to find. So we're having the search bar be very dominate and the first thing you see, so you can just simply search what KC has to offer. But we're still keeping our 4 major sections (community, food, made in KC, and places/events) so a user could browse as well. 

We've decided to add a splash page onto the website, so we image that the logo would be changing. The following images show exploration of color and application. 

This shows a user using the search bar with quick results popping up. They wouldn't even have to enter the main site. It's just a quick and clean search.

Once you enter the main site, we were thinking it could be image heavy and then type would reveal on hover. (notice the logo changes with the hover) Here we are also showing how the search would work once in the main site. 

 This shows the user entering the "places + events" section. (notice the logo changes again, functioning / corresponding with the section)

We also added the "add to calendar" option once they are in an event that they want to attend. 

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