Thursday, September 24

va: reading response

he might be giant: shepard fairey by michael dooley

This article made me realize that something very small, such as a sketch of a giant, can become something much bigger and meaningful. A constant struggle I think most people in our class at the beginning was figuring out something we could do in a semester that could still be impactful. Shepard Fairey was a student when he sketched his iconic image and it's turned into something much much bigger than that. This proves that we are definitely capable of coming up with an idea that has potential to grow. I also like the fact that what he was doing starting out was fairly low budget, stickers / stencils / wheat paste. Without creating something like an app, that anyone can connect to digitally, he was still able to impact a ton of people.

adbuster: veronique vienne interviews kalle lasn by varonique vienne 

I love that this article addresses the problem of designing to sell. If we designers only focus on that, we are somewhat reasonable for the psychological consequences. This quote was very powerful to me, "That is why we cannot rely on our clients to set ethical standards. That's why it is so important for our profession to come up with its own codes." I think designers do rely too heavily on the client in this way. It's like oh it's just my job to sell their product. But it could be so much more of a conversation between designer and client on how the design can affect the consumer. Adbusters is definitely doing it's part in creating awareness, but I feel like their imagery is absorbed and appreciated and then quickly forgotten. I wonder how they could expand to create long lasting impressions that create an urgency for change.

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