Thursday, September 3

va: reading response

“Graphic Agitation: Social and political graphics since the sixties” by Liz Mcquiston, pp. 14–27 

Graphic art has been used to communicate provocative ideas for centuries. As technology improves, the sharing and widespread communication of these ideas get’s faster and vaster. It can also influence new ways of communicating and understanding, such as the new visual language that grew from manifestos, journals, posters, and other works during WWI.  It was new for people to utilize and understand the use of simple geometric shapes. Which reminds me of the way Instagram has influenced our use of square photos. In the same way that the photograph caused a push away from using illustration, but posters remained an active use of communication over time.

Graphic dissent / 3 characteristics: shocking, clever, even funny in a grim sort of way. It’s meaning is instantly intelligible. One of those images that awakes something in you, possessing the power of the uncanny. Great graphic design employing shock, wit, and clarity borne of urgency can move people to action. This is definitely in line with my goals as a graphic designer. I really enjoyed / began to understand better the part about religion, because that’s how I feel about absolute belief. That once we believe something, your mind is no longer open to alternatives, presenting a limitation in thinking. I think it’s important to remain skeptical and more open-minded in your every day train of thought. I understand religion can be extremely beneficial for a lot of people, so it’s just finding that happy medium to leave room for alternative ideas. Being thoughtful about how you question or threaten power was an important point. Non-violence, but generally people respond to powerful imagery and words that contain to appeal to justice. Also when he notes that the ability to enter into culture can be very costly, so providing a message that will quickly circulate. The Internet is a great tool for ideas to travel virally.

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