Sunday, September 6

va: contacts / interviews

Mary & I have reached out to a few different organizations. 
We've set up one meeting so far with the contact that Kelly suggested. 

Michael Zeller
KC Reach
development expert 
we have a meeting set up for Thursday!

Melvin Merritt (founder) 
Penny Mill Foundation 

Collaborative Response

Here's some general interview questions we plan to discuss:

What is your mission?
What is the current Kansas City's educational system look like today?
What is KC's biggest challenge in education?
In your experience, what would you say is the most successful way in reaching people?
Who do you focus your mission to? Who are you trying to reach and why?
What are the best ways to approach the current issues? 
In what ways does your organization promote equal opportunity? 
What's preventing schools from integrating? 
What are some immediate actions that are most pressing at this time?
Can you refer us to any organizations that you work with or someone who is working towards the same goal? 

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