Sunday, September 27

va: brainstorming ideas

Mary & I reached out to Darron and Michael again for follow-up meetings.  We also want to try and connect with more people at Académie Lafayette such as teachers and students. After looking over our last "big ideas" we realized that we weren't really excited about any of the ones we had come up with yet. So, we made a mind map to come up with a few more ideas. 

1. Social Media 
-highlight kid of the week, collecting their story + photograph
-because they don't have an Instagram account, we could run this for them & be involved in their events and activities. Events we can't make, photos taken could be emailed to us. 
-because the majority of people viewing this would be within AL, we could compile these photos and stories into a magazine and have them placed around town (east of Troost), improving the perception of the school in that area.   

2. Spatial PSA
-small scale scavenger hunt
-such as exploring a library. We would place clues and create
an adventure for kids to do with their parents, while learning more
about AL. (promoting the school in an active / different way)

3. Pen Pals / Post Card
- pen pal: connecting students from KC public schools to AL 
students from AL could even write in French & then translate, teaching 
students from KC public schools some French words 
-"post secret": anonymous sharing 
kids could design their own post card and share their stories without
having to share their name or demographic  

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