Tuesday, September 22

mx: revisiting wireframes | process

We revisited our previous mobile wireframes and added a few more screens. We've also picked a location for our kick starter event (3rd Platform) and started to imagine the way the space will be organized. We choose the West Bottoms because we think that's a location that needs some attention and it's just logically works providing enough space. Our next steps are to incorporate the mobile app into the event space. We are going to have beacons set up at the entrances of the event that will pop up options to use at the event, such as coupons & uploading photos.

option one: 
have things physically organized like they would be on a website, into categories. 
So having one location for food, etc. This makes for easy navigation but not
much intermingling with different companies. 

option two: 
have things all mixed up and incorporated together, more like a fair or something.
This kinda goes off our goal for people to discover things they wouldn't normally go up to. 
But the problem is that it could get confusing & difficult to navigate.  

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