Wednesday, September 9

mx: activity scenarios

* narrowed down directions

1. The Business Traveler

This business woman is only in town for a few days and wants to spend her spare time relieving stress. Walking on safe trails and exploring the hidden gems of the city. If she were aware of our site or app she would go to the "Parks + Rec" Section & then find the locations for Loose Park & local gardens. She could then set a timer that will disable her phone (aka sleep mode or airplane mode) giving her an hour stress free to just be in the moment and enjoy the garden.

2. The Local Freak

This young adult has lived in KC all their life and wants to buy everything locally and support the economy of the city as much as possible. It's Saturday and they are getting their fresh produce from the Rivermarket, but they realize it's their brother's birthday coming up so they want to get him a gift, made locally of course. They go to the app or website and find the "Made in KC" section. This brings up a list of shops / artist / print shops. The idea of something printed in town sparks their interests. They find links to Hammerpress, Normal Human, and Bandwagon Merch. They are able to shop Normal Human and find a unique and local T-shirt to gift their brother.

3. The Road Trippers

There is a group of friends traveling around America by car. Because they are always at a new location, corporate businesses don't really interest them because they see them everywhere. They want to find the new places of each city. They get hungry from their travels and use our App to locate local restaurants. They are able to choose from Bars / Grills, Beer Spots, Coffee, Food Trucks, Brunch, etc. They want somewhere to sit down that's not too nice because they've been in the car for hours.  They end up finding out about Beer Kitchen and get to walk around Westport to stretch their legs while they wait for a table.

4. The College Kid

The college kid doesn't have very much money or a form of transportation. By using the App he goes to the social organization tab and finds BikeWalkKC. Through this section he finds out that he can rent a bike at a very low cost. He's able to bike across town and get his school supplies.

5. New to the City *

A family just moved to KC midtown and doesn't know much about the area but wants to learn general information. They check out the website and find out about all the other major areas to KC such as the West Bottoms and the River market. But they don't know what events are going on at these locations. Through the website they find out that the West Bottoms has a first friday event with tons of local food trucks and open shops. They take the family out that weekend.

6. Local Business Owner *

Local coffee shop business owner gets an email inviting them to be apart of our kick starter event. Of course they want to be involved in promoting their shop. At the event their booth is set up right next to Hammerpress Print Shop. The two business owners get to talking and the coffee shop decides to start selling their local merchandise in their shop. Now Hammerpress employees get discounted coffee to keep them rolling and the shop has an additional attraction while also helping Hammerpress sell goods in another area of town.

7. The Cute Couple

So there's this cute young couple that just moved in together. They want to decorate together, but don't like the idea of ikea. They want special one of a kind pieces. They hear about the kick starter event and go to see all of what KC has to offer. They leave the event with unique prints (local print shop stand) for their walls and an awesome table + chairs set from the antique mall booth. Urban Mining

8. The BBQ Fan *

There's this guy that loves KC BBQ! But he's always gone to Gates & just wants to see if these new places will measure up. He goes to our App to find out that he can go to the "Food" section to find a list of all the BBQ places listed. He's able to then plan a week where he can try out each place back to back, including Q39, Joe's, Char Bar, etc. But then when he goes to Joe's he finds out about our kick starter even coming up. So he saves money and gets free samples of all these places at the event instead.

9. The Big Business Owner

The big business owner wants to thank his loyal KC clients. He goes to the website and finds everything KC! He orders everything from custom Wine bottles at Mano's, BBQ sauce from Joe's, T-shirts from Normal Human, custom printed thank you cards from Hammerpress and coffee pour overs from Parsi. He then makes his own gift baskets filled with all the things that makes KC special and send out gift baskets to his clients to thank them for their business.

10. The Healthy Vegan

This person is vegan and has a hard time finding good places to eat in such a BBQ dominate area. She goes to the App and discovers Mud Pie & FUD. Which she loves but feels that the city is lacking so wants to start her own vegan local restaurant. She decides to attend the kick starter event to meet with these business owners and discuss how they got their business running / what farms they use / etc. Once she gets her company started she goes to the website to find a designer for her business' identity as well as a marketing tool to get the word out about her new business.

11.  The Designer

This student just graduated with an design degree and wants to freelance locally. By using the app / website she's able to find local companies offering internships and so she applies. But when she see's the kick stater event coming up she starts making custom designed give-aways to pass out at the event. She then gets to meet these business owners in person and give them a memorable give-away to promote herself.

12. The High Schooler

This kid is in high school and doesn't really think college is an option right away. He goes to the kick starter event with his friends and engages in conversation with some local business owners that need help in their shop. He actually gets a job and is able to start his own college fund and get hands on experience in the field that interests him.

13. The Dog Lady

This woman loves her dog dearly. She wants to take them on constant walks but needs a change of scenery and wants her dogs to explore new areas. She goes to our website and finds under the "Parks + Rec" section that there are a few dog parks as well as dog-friendly trails to hike. As she surfs the site she also finds out about the local dog store in the plaza and gets her dogs matching t-shirts.

14. The Grumpy Kid

This kid keeps complaining to his parents that they never do anything he wants to do. The dad goes to our website and finds the kid section under the "Locations + Events" tab. By clicking that he finds the Lego Museum and tons of playgrounds nearby. They start visiting these places once a week and the kid becomes really happy / also the dad gains quality time with his kid.

15. The Teacher

There's a high school teacher that wants to take her class on a field trip. She visits the website on her lunch break and discovers the First Friday event is coming up. She thinks it will be good for her students to experience the arts. She then goes to the location section and finds contact information for a gallery and sets up a private viewing of a show for her students to go during class time.

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