Wednesday, September 9

ds: collateral progress

here's the beginning of some collateral. I figured I could add color + finished logos as that progresses. But doing the menu helped me figure out type choices + voice. It also gave me the idea for a new collateral item. I want to make stickers for the "hot slices" such as "Toppless" that you would stick on the pizza box slice to label what type they ordered. It could be an opportunity for them to post on social media, etc. 

menu + voice 

crushed red pepper + grated parmesan packets 

pizza box

These are raw images I shot, some messing with lighting to see if I could give off the night life vibe. I obviously still need to edit them and possibly photoshop in other collateral / like stickers onto the pizza box. One little detail I think was successful is the subtle steaming up inside the box, definitely goes with my concept. But this could just be my test run. We'll see how well the editing cleans them up. 

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