Tuesday, August 25

va: impression of "we are superman"

Overall I was truly touched by this film and enjoyed learning the history of our community, although it was mostly a harsh reality. Sadly I wasn't surprised to hear about "east of troost," as no one who lives in this area should be. I remember being told as a freshman to "only travel west of troost" or "once you hit troost turn around." So of course being new to the city, young, and for the first time away from my parents, I was pretty scared of the area. Troost really is a "wall" or barrier in the "heart of our city."  The problem here is an isolation of poverty and I agree 100% with the people in the video who say we cannot let this continue. But when you hear stories like the guy who owned the barber shop... (a man who believed in the area and wanted to bring back some business) having to shut down his business after the tragedy. It really makes you realize how awful the reputation is, and you can't really blame business owners for residing elsewhere. What did majorly surprise me though was Missouri's pay loan interest rates having absolutely no restrictions. A system set up for people to fail, averaging in $20 million a year. That's insane, that's crazy, and that's just wrong. I was moved by the people in charge of CCO who are trying to get a restriction put on this. The Man Class made me smile. There should be one for women too! I wrote down a quote that really stuck out to me: "Whatever you are afraid of today, it will only be worse if you do nothing." This quote got me really excited about this class. Also in terms of the class I found some advice really helpful. Like when the woman said you can't come into a community and say "I'm here to help" instead saying "What are you doing?" This film made me realize how important it will be to gain trust with an organization first and foremost. Also how important it will be to work together with the people in the community, an outsider cannot know what needs to be fixed. Lastly, the superman cape scenes at the end were pretty cute.

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