Monday, August 31

mx: problems + further research

Today during class we mainly worked as a group, coming up with a bunch of "problems" with our community. We decided to make it more like a mind map, making it easier to work together and build off our initial mind map. 

-no platform for local communication
-disconnect between districts 
-little historic knowledge
-public figures aren't very interactive
-disconnect between bbq lovers & vegan restaurants, not really a middle ground 
-public transportation
-colleges have little interaction with each other
-not enough local businesses / connecting with each other
-corporate companies aren't getting involved with local businesses
-east & west bottoms / so much unused space
-not enough tourism / resources for tourist 
-KCK & KCMO are very disconnected
-expanding google fiber
-needs to have more emphasis on local events 
-recycling needs to be more accessible 
 -plaza should integrate more local stores
-age restrictions on events / locations 
-high crime
-so much abandoned space

We've started sharing photos / ideas for a moodboard on Google Drive:

And lastly we're still working on our business card to pass out: 

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