Monday, August 24

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The Future Imperfect: Design & Foresight

Key Points

Three questions when creating new technology:
1. What does it improve upon?
2. What does it introduce?
3. What does it obsolesce?

We must also consider the users. Being aware of the ways new tech is being produced, distributed, represented, regulated, and identified with by the user. Considerings ways in which human behavior both shape and are shaped by new technologies. 

Bringing together technology and sociology will help designers foresee strategies for the future.  


Understanding people and their behaviors will always be essential in designing new technologies. We must anticipate what is next. When I think about how things have improved just in my lifetime, it blows my mind. (and advancement is only getting faster & faster). Just in the past 21 years, we've seen VHS players become an antique. First it was DVDs. Now you can pretty much watch anything online. Netflix is proving that we no longer need cable as well. As human behavior evolves, so does the way the watch our favorite movies or TV shows. And this article is basically saying that this same idea applies to all types of technology. It is our responsibility as designers to be five steps ahead. 

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