Friday, August 28

ds: local rebrand

client: Santora's Pizzeria 

The owner's great grandfather Antonio Santora migrated to America from Naples, Italy in 1880, bringing with him family traditions and recipes.  Santora's Pizzeria opened in 2009 using his same recipes! It's located on 39th & Main St., so conveniently a Midtown favorite. It's well known for it's $1 cheese slices. (an art student favorite).


but once I tried to go inside, I sadly noticed that the business had been shut down...

This kinda makes me want to redesign the brand even more, but if I'm not allowed then I've also photographed Joe's Pizza (by the slice) & I can still go from the concepts I've started for Santora's. 

the problem:
The main problem I have with the design is it's inconsistency. There's fun hand-painted food illustrations with bright colors that seems pretty disconnected with everything else. I'm not quite sure what exactly the logo is because the name is written in so many different typefaces / styles. 

Also, the website is just pretty out of hand. There are too many display typefaces and it's on top of the harsh brick background. I get what they were trying to do here, this urban Italian vibe, but it just isn't working. The menu (at least the online version) has the same problems.

(the following is a working process) :) 

concept 1: integrity 
maintain the kind of "hole-in-the-wall" feel, but well designed. 
some ideas / examples:
exposed brick walls, wooden stools / tables, etc. Make it feel more like a wood oven pizzeria. 
The menu's on brown or white paper with black type, all in one typeface. 

concept 2: indulgent/ bold/ in-your-face
I like this idea of "food-porn", so I'm kinda going off that.
I want the food containers to be see thru, very sexy. 

concept 3: concession stand 

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