Tuesday, April 14

PP: Reading Responses

An Open Letter to Design Students Everywhere     ~Jessica Helfand

I really enjoyed the section with the tennis metaphor. It resides with me, because it's something that I've been trying to push myself to do lately: have conversations with people smarter than me. As for me, I'm just seeking that intellectual conversation that challenges me to keep up. But Jessica talks about this in terms of interviews which is a way that I haven't thought about it. She said to never leave an interview with less than three names of other people to go see and suggestions on what you should read. Another section that really resigned with me was the notebook as an extension of your mind and your studio. Good to know that that isn't just me being extremely forgetful but actually just good practice. I write literally everything down to the point where it's a little weird. If I write something on a post it note and then miss place it, I will hunt it down just to know the way I wrote that thought down at the time. Lastly the advice for creating a senior thesis, really hit home. I think everyone struggles with narrowing down there many interests into one solid idea, but what I took away from Jessica's advice was that less is more. She said to start simply because there is plenty of time to make it more complicated from there. Because I usually work the opposite way, more complicated and then simplifying, I thought that this was good to know.

7 Things You Must Do Before Applying to Jobs

Overall, applying for a job(s).. is a job. So make sure you go through lots of research and preparation BEFORE applying, just like you would before designing for a project.

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