Monday, March 9

PP: Midterm Review

how do you think you are doing overall?

Overall I'm feeling pretty average. Maybe not on a general scale, but average for myself. For example I was behind on the readings and had to go back and make them up. This information would've been more valuable to me at the time they were assigned. I've been able to meet the requirements for class but I know I could be and should be doing more because this class is so important. 

where do you think you are struggling? succeeding? 

I'm struggling overall because "pro practice" in general intimates me. I didn't realize it did until having this class. Mainly struggle with time management because most of the projects we're doing are on-going / never-ending in conjunction with projects from other classes that have set / complete due dates. I tend to prioritize projects with set due dates over things that I can work on later. This is a huge problem, only hurting me, because I know that everything we do in pro practice is and will be the most important things for me to learn in the long run.  With that said, I still am succeeding in some areas. I'm happy with my brandmark: I think it's successful in that it's simple and adaptable. It still shows my personality without competing with the rest of my work.  I'm good at giving feedback to my peers and think I can provide good insight & challenge different ways of thinking about things. I'm also proud of my artist statement, I feel like I've truly found where I stand revealing what makes me valuable.

what are your goals for the rest of the semester?

Basically to just kick my butt into gear. (1) Time management will help me tremendously. (2) Getting over my fear of "pro practice" by setting myself up for success instead of letting that fear cause me to fail. I'm not average and it's about time I start acting like it because I need my future interviewers to be impressed. 

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