Tuesday, March 3

IA: reading response

reading response: Don't Make Me Think

> clear visual hierarchy
make the most important things more prominent
group things together visually that group together logically
with several headlines, make it obvious which one is the most important and what content goes with that particular headline

> conventions
conventions only become conventions if they actually work
you want to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to scan and know where to find what they are looking for
don't fall into the temptation to be "new & different" when it comes to conventions unless it adds so much value that it's worth the learning curve

> breaking the pages into clearly defined areas
eye-tracking studies of Web page scanning have revealed that quickly decide what's useful and important on the site, and don't even mess with the rest of the information, breaking the pages will make this process even easier for the user

> obviously clickable areas
a user shouldn't have to click around it figure out your functions, it should be mindless
use color, key words such as "search", and arrows

> keep down the noise
avoid being too busy, that will overwhelm a user
when designing a web page, it's good to assume that everything is visual noise until proven otherwise

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