Monday, March 23

IA: Internet of Things

makey makey test

matrix ideation map 

identified problem: unlocking door

This includes forgetting your key, letting other people in, trying to remember if you locked your house, and the hassle to search for a key in your bag. 

identified solution: LINK

Special order the LINK lock for your house, with an app on your phone as the key. The lock will have a webcam on it so you can identify who is at your door before hitting the unlock option. It works from anywhere, so you can also check and see if all of your doors are locked when no one is home. An extra accessory available will be a censored door mat. This will let you know when someone is at your door (and which door) so you can check your phone, see who it is, and unlock your door for them all at the ease of your phone. There will also be security options. If someone is trying to break into your house, the lock will record the event and notify the police your address and an image of the person at the door. The app works with multiple locks. So you can have your front / back door, office door, etc. all in one place. 

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