Tuesday, March 3

IA: critique response & refined infographics

critique response

feedback suggested:
>white on black may me hard to see on the web / also pick one direction either w on b or b on w
>clearly label, or provide a scale for the graphs 
>on the "best selling" list, maybe include or show which games from your collection are in that list
>maybe try some of the facts into a timeline form

refined infographics

new direction that I wanna get feedback on before moving forward with it. but after doing the wireframes I realized that all the infographics that contain general info will go together and sort of tell a narrative. So I researched some more info for that and I want all of those to be a certain style. then info graphics containing info about the collection will pop up in different areas of the website so those will probably have a slightly different style, as well as, possibly making one for each item, so when it's clicked on, it reveals more about that particular game.

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