Monday, February 16

UX: Video Progress

We've filmed majority of the live action! Just a few more shots to capture. We're working on editing that now. Since the first story board, we've decided to incorporate more visual elements.

1. Comics
We're going to use scanned in imagery from 1980's Mad Comics books. These characters will represent our actors "creativity & ideas" at the beginning of the video. It also connects back to the light box / early animation / etc.

some examples:

2. At the end of the video, we wanted to show the light box being used but hadn't worked out what exactly we were gonna do yet. Now we decided to use a few different sheets to draw our own image, (a) showing the intensity of the light (b) showing creativity (c) showing humor. This section of the video will be a time lapse. 

Here's the images we are pulling from: 

3. Rewrote some of the type from earlier to make it more legible. 

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