Thursday, February 5

UX: Materials & Storyboard


We gathered all the materials we needed to make the LED light box. We were able to get most materials from HomeDepot. Other than the lights we got from ikea &  I already had the glue and the scissors which I got from an Arts Supply store here on campus. The wood and plexiglass still need to be cut to specific sizes. Also, we will be using white paint, but are planning on getting some left over from a friend to save a little money. & we might need to get some wood glue as well. 


_3/16" 2x4 Temp Hardboard 
_Sheet of Plexiglass 
_Wooden support
_White electrical tape 
_wood glue

_Dioder LED lights

(Art Supply Store)


Rough Script for Voice Over

(intro) You ever have an idea spark when you're at home late at night? With no access to a light table and no sunlight shining through your window, that idea may very well pass you by. You need your very own light box at home so you can always let your creativity run free.

(materials)You can get all the materials you'll need with one trip to Home Depot and Ikea. The rest you'll probably have cause you're a creative genus. But if not, just grab them at your next run to the art supply store. We're gonna tell you where we got all of our materials specifically but feel free to make it your own. 

(steps) Step 1: Get all of your materials! At home depot pick up a temp hardboard, sheet of plexiglass, wooden support, white paint and white electrical tape. At ikea, get Dioder LED lights. & grab some scissors and glue. 
Step 2: Cut your wood. 
Temp Hardboard: 12 x 20 inch
Plexiglass: 12 x 20 inch
Wood Support: 20 inch wide
Again, you can tweak the measures to fit your needs!
Step 3: Once you've cut everything, paint the wood white so that the light will reflect best. 
Step 4: Once the paint is dry, using wood glue place the wooden support onto the top of the wooden base for your ideal height/ angle to draw.
Step 5: Once the glue is dry and secure, set up the LED lights. Place the light strips parallel to each other. Make sure they are placed so that the light is distributed evenly. 
Step 6: Tape down wires.
Step 7: The final step is to place the plexiglass sheet on top of the wooden support. Don't glue or tape down, just place it on top and you're done!

(ending) Now simply plug it in / flip on the switch and start drawing. Now anytime that an idea strikes, you'll be more than ready! 

Rough Graphic Elements / Visual Ideas

(intro / materials)
Live action: At the beginning of the video we're thinking of someone frustrated trying to trace at their window but can't see. Then they sit at their desk / table and the finished light box appears in front of them which makes them happy. 
Graphic Elements: Show stores and where to go to get the materials being shown. 

(steps to make light box)
Live Action: Shows someone putting together the light box. Camera will shoot from front (showing full view of building process), birds eye (showing up close hands making it as if they are looking down at their own hands building it). 
Graphic elements: emphasize measurements, placement of things, etc. 

Live action: Show someone close up plugging in & turning on switch. Time lapse of person using light table to creative a drawing. 
Graphic Elements: illuminating the finished product. 

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