Thursday, February 5

Pro Practice: Creative Brief / Moodboard / Identity Sketching

Reading Response: 

2014 Graphic Design Salary + Hiring Trends

This read was very refreshing to see that there was a 3.3% higher salary rates for designers in 2014 than in 2013. Because agencies are working hard to keep up as the media landscape changes, most say they are willing to negotiate salary. More good news, design positions are being higher and higher in demand, which means that these positions with most experience are getting paid more. So right out of college may not be dipping into a lot of pay, but it's nice to know that after awhile of work experience, all of our hard work actually looks like a promising pay off. The article also states that in order to land a great job, it's important to know how to work social media, have advanced software skills, and be familiar with analytics. Overall it says that it's a good time to be a designer, so I'll probably sleep better tonight.

Creative Brief: 

Moodboards/ Rough Identity Sketches:

First concept/ style embodies use of bold color block. Solid shapes. Lots of color, but contained.

Second concept / style represents the graphic elements. The line and the shape. Grids. 
Strong patterns of shapes and lines. Minimal color (black & white with soft highlights of color)

The last concept / style hits on my sense of humor and experimental design. Crazy , in your face, embracing digital imperfection.
_sassy // glam

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