Tuesday, February 3

Pro Practice: "cleaning up"

professional pictures

These photos were taken by my friend / photographer, Sinjun, for a fashion blog's look book. I know they're not traditional head shots but I thought I would share as an option. They have a very professional appeal and I like the way I'm being portrayed. 

And here are some head shots that Myles' took during class on Friday. I just don't know if I like the traditional studio set up to portray my personality. But I figured I should have some for back up anyway. Although the black and white is totally me. 

Updated profile pictures on my google account (email) and Behance (online portfolio) to upgrade my online professional presence.

project descriptions:

Thankfully I went through and visited my project descriptions on Behance. So they have all been added to my online portfolio. I also made a word document with all of the descriptions in one place so I have it all together and ready for when we start building our websites. Here's some screenshots of that: 

By the way:

I did some other "pro practice" things. I emailed Rachel Krause, the woman who I interned with last semester at BikeWalkKC. She had offered before to write me a letter of recommendation. I mentioned to her that I'd like to have one on file to use for future opportunities in this class, so I should be getting one soon! Yay. 

I'm also communicating with BikeWalkKC to help them out with some (paid) design projects. I was offered a position there for this semester but everything's up in the air as the woman who offered me the job and Rachel, who I worked closely with, both left the company. Anyways just trying to keep my networking open. 

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