Thursday, February 12

Pro Practice: Artist's Statement

I am not a puritan. I’m part designer, seeing and respecting all things through a designer’s lens with love and respect for the creative potential of ideas that need to function and communicate with the public. But there's another part of me that is a messy, unrefined, juvenile with the need to learn through experimentation. Constantly feeling the emotional tug to create work that reflects my ideas. Therefore I consider myself a creative, complex, and up for a challenge. I find inspiration in America’s popular culture, although I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, respecting aesthetics of many cultures. My unapologetic sense of humor compliments my experimental design style. Mixing illustration, digital photography, handwritten typography, and digital type is a puzzling process that I enjoy solving. Lastly, I’m part intellectual and my work tends to create conceptual puzzles for the viewer. Problem solving is what initially attracted me to design, so I strive to create visually pleasing work with underlining yet bold messages that comment on my ideas about our society. These messages will not come to the viewer at a first glance, but that’s what makes the discovery all the more rewarding and exciting.

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