Tuesday, February 17

PP: Reading Response

Keeping up e-apperances: How to busy your digital dirt

_the key to managing your online reputation is to spend more time online, not less
_illusion of only communicating with close peers
_boundaries between your work identity and social identity disappear online
_staying anonymous online doesn't always protect your reputation
_the digital trial section of this reading was kinda of terrifying how easily someone can find your address and everything else about you. Makes me feel unsafe
_I totally agree with the idea that personal PR is becoming more common, especially among younger generations.
_flooding the search engine is the best way to improve your reputation
_focus on improving the first page of search results, people are lazy and won't usually look beyond that according to the "law of surfing"
_"important" sites (linked,Facebook, etc.) carry more weight on search engine results

How to use Facebook's New Timeline Feature (and hide your embarrassing old posts)

_because timeline has been around for a little bit now, most of this was just refreshing what I've learned overtime but there were some things that I no idea I could do:
_the adding events to your timeline section was interesting. I was not aware that you could add things to prior dates and arrange them into the order you prefer
_ also, being able to "limit old posts" in privacy settings is also a function I wasn't aware of!

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