Monday, February 2

Info Arch: Digital Wireframes / 2 Concepts

In response to my group critique today, I took the "endless scroll" and "flow chart" ideas & put them together. This layout would appeal to young adults due to the trendy square photographs and scroll motion that we are used to on smart phones. Note that the blank squares are place holders for a photograph that represents that article / story, it will have large type (title) over the image.

home screen; showing general layout. Flow chart is to the far left, just showing the things that will always stay in that section: the logo, social media links, and subscription option. Next to that is the column with links to different pages within the website. The home page will act like a "news feed" just showing different stories from all different sections. 

food & farm section; this shows what happens if the user hits the food and farm tab. The "news feed" with scroll down till it hits that section. The "flow chart" will show you what section you're in, and the column will highlight the section chosen with sub-tabs under that section. 

article within food & farm;
the article the user clicks on will pop up over the "news feed" and the user can scroll within that box. The "flow chart" will show which article(s) the user viewed within that section.

switching to another section; this scenario shows what happens when the user switches to another section. The 'flow chart" just keeps adding onto show the user's history, enabling them to return to previous sections or specific articles within that section.

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