Tuesday, February 17

IA: Persona & Task Scenarios

Persona: Gary Garrison 

What is the age of your person? 55
What is the gender of your person? male
What is the highest level of education this person has received? bachelor's degree in finance 
How much work experience does your person have? over 25 years 
What is your person's professional background? president & founder at Asset Protection Group & Wealth Management // financial advisor 
Why will they come to the site? for general updates about the local communtiy 
Where (or from whom) else is this person getting information about your issue or similar programs or services? KARK, other local news 
When and where will the user access the site? (user environment and context) Probably at work when he's checking emails and just reading news for the day. 
What technological devices does your person use on a regular basis? Macbook / iPhone / TV
What software and / or applications does your primarily access the web for information? Safari 
How much time does your person spend browsing the web every day? roughly an hour all together

Task Scenarios 


splash page

home page

hover over article on home page

hover over section on home page

food and farm page

hover over article on food and farm page


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