Monday, February 23

IA: Arkansas Times Redesign

audience: Brooke Shell 

Young woman in early 20's from Little Rock, Arkansas that moved out of state for college. Uses "Arkansas Times" as a way to stay up to date on what's going on back home. ArkTimes is a more liberal view of news for the mostly conservative southern state of Arkansas which is what attracts Brooke to the site. Brooke would skim through the news and be mostly interested in what's happening with her favorite local restaurants and artists. 

design strategy: 

The design is image dominate with "endless" scroll alluding to the popular site ( Instagram ) for this generation. Other elements are shifting or look as though they are pulling away from each other to evoke this liberal ( forward thinking ) view that the site provides. Because the main pages are so image dominate, the articles are more text heavy with the image becoming the background.

splash page: 
images are pulled from their image archives & automatically changes every few seconds 

home page:

home page / hover: 

home page  / clicking section:

food and farm page:
once the user clicks away from the home page, the "history" bar starts to record. So far she's only entered the "Food & Farm" section. 

food and farm page / hover:

once the user clicks on the article, the image enlarges becoming the background and the type appears. The "history" bar will add this article's title underneath the section it came from.

clicking a new section within an article:

image archives page:

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