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<How to Make an LED Tracing Light Box>

materials needed: 

_methacrylate sheet (5mm, DIN A3) (for the drawing surface)
_wood (30x40cm) (for the base, any kind of wood will work)
_LED (for light)
_cardboard (23 pieces of 3x40cm, 1 piece of 1 x 40cm)(for the methacrylate sheet support)
_white paint
_insulating tape
_soldering iron (optional)


1 First cut the pieces of cardboard needed: (23 pieces of 3x40cm, 1 piece of 1x40cm)
2 Once you have the 24 pieces, glue them on the wooden base to arrange to your ideal height.
    For the back: (23 pieces of 3x40cm, 1 piece of 1x40cm)
    For the front: (Use 3 pieces of 3x40cm and the piece of 1x40cm. The piece of 1x40cm is there to
    avoid the methacrylate sheet from sliding down.
3 Now that you have glued all the cardboard pieces, it's time to paint the wooden base in white. We        do this because the white color will reflect the light best.
4 Once the paint is dry, it's time to set up the LEDs. Fix the LEDs with tape that is included in the          package.

5 The final step is to put the methacrylate sheet on top of the cardboard support. Don't glue it or anything, just place it on top. And you're done!


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