Wednesday, December 3

Final Package Redesign: Fruit by the Foot

front side

back side

top / front view 

stacked with like box

panels on either side / stacked front 

Berry Tie-Dye

Mixed Berry


on the shelf (stacked)

on the shelf (just backs)

on the shelf (random arrangement) 

Final Type Specimen: flak

Sunday, November 30

Rough Logo Build: Bier Station

Very rough version of my logo build. I want to make the movement of the astronaut more fluid and the masking of the type better! But here's the main idea working in a loop. 

Type Specimen: flak

front panel

My thought behind the cover is that the viewer is searching "flak" puzzled by this word. The definition of the word is shown like it would be if it was actually searched on Google. This will evoke a very broad and general understanding of the overall theme. Hopefully pushing the viewer to open it up to reveal more.

middle spread

Once the viewer opens the specimen, the glyphs are shown as a sort of digital slag meaning "wtf?" is "flak?" (Probably what someone looking at this for the first time would be thinking.) So underneath that is the description of the typeface which reads: "Flak is a display typeface that embraces digital imperfection. Condemned by the traditionalist and celebrated by the rebels. This typeface adorns the glitch in the system and applauds the criticized, radical, and forward-thinkers." This also shows all the uppercase characters. 

side two unfolded 

Now that the viewer has a pretty good understanding of the typeface, I wanted the full back side to be functional as a poster. 

back panel

The back side shows all the lower case characters, that mirror the upper case when unfolded. Because the front panel is so abstract, I wanted to give a little sample of the typeface itself on the "outside cover" so they would know it's a type specimen. It also has a place for the postal stamp and three blank lines for addressing. 

side one unfolded