Sunday, November 23

Logo Build: 5 Storyboards

Typeface Specimen_First Draft_Initial Ideas

specimen broken into panels:

front cover

middle spread

poster_open all the way

back cover

front and back covers together_laid flat 

full pages:

front side_ unfolded 

back side_unfolded

other ideas:

First Package Mock Up

I apologize for posting this a little late. But these photos represent my first mock ups for the Fruit by the Foot package. I got a lot of great feedback during critique. Here's a few examples of changings I plan to make: I want to change are the box size, it ended up being too large once I saw it all put together. I need to add all the information that's on the front to the back panel because I want them to be interchangeable. I like the block coloring, but I'm going to make them brighter more kid friendly colors. Moving forward, I've been basing color palettes off of Peter Max illustrations. That way parents / grandparents will also be attracted to the packages with nostalgia of that 60-70 style.  I'm also thinking about downsizing the monsters so there is more room for type and other information. I got a good response to the logotype, but it only works large scale so I need to make a smaller scale version so those lines don't get lost. Overall I think the stackable / playful concept it there, I just need to work out the aesthetics and how to make all of the information work together.