Saturday, November 22

Narrative: Self-Evaluation

With every new design medium, I've learned that there's always lot of new things to consider. Because this was the first time for me to design UI/UX, I was considering all of these things together for the first time. Designing UI/UX requires and challenges the designer to think about multiple different layers and how those can work together. When designing the UI, you not only have to think about the concept, but also what the screen will be placed on or around and at what scale, then where that screen will be physically be. On top of that you've got to consider the majority of people that will be using this interface and how to make the design simple enough for those people to understand. When designing the UX, you have to simplify the the amount of interactions that the user will have to learn. You have to consider height, and where buttons are located so that everyone will be able to reach them. You also have to think about the way that the person interacts, touch screen can and can not do things that a mouse can.

With our project I think we did a really good job considering all of these things for the first time. Our downfall was in playing it safe. We focused so hard on keeping everything simple and extremely easy to use and understand that we missed out on opportunities to make the UI more interesting and engaging. Our UI was based off the existing geometric shapes within Union Station. particularly the patterns in the floor. We placed our screen in the large room to evoke more traffic to that location. We considered that a lot of people in Union Station are traveling, so we added a feature that allows the user to enter their departure time which gives them warnings before their train arrives. We also kept the UX down to two interactions. Just a dial motion and a tap, that way people could learn how to use the timeline fast. So I would say that we were successful in those things. But like I mentioned before, the UI could have been pushed and designed better. The typography was very basic and nothing ever broke away from the dial making the experience kind of repetitive.

Sunday, November 16

Union Station Interactive Timeline

Typeface: flak

Flak; a word used to describe strong criticism. Synonyms include harsh, hostility, disapproval, and abuse. (side note: Flak is also a word for exploding shells shot at enemies in aircrafts.)

With this typeface I'm aiming to create an aesthetic that embraces the unwanted, expecting to be disapproved because it reveals digital imperfection. Through static and explosions of color, Flak will evoke the viewer to wonder if it's so bad that it's good.