Friday, November 7

Union Station: All Wireframes Designed

These are pictures of the slides from our keynote presentation, 
which goes through all of the wireframes in a user path. 

Tuesday, November 4

Koenig Cover

front cover

back cover

image wrap 

Mood Boards / Concept Sketches / Modes of Appeal

Persona 1: Kim (ethos)

Young hip creative mom who lives in the city. Her kids are her best friends and what her world revolves around. She owns a pastry shop and is always up to date on the latest Pinterest recipes. An active member of the PTA at her kid’s school, she puts together themed parties and makes sure that the goodies will coordinate.  Packing her kid’s lunches is a daily creative project. Her kids are surprised daily with a fun snack to enjoy.


Persona 2: Lucy (pathos)

Twelve years old, only child. Her parents are successful and have never been very involved in her life. She is unbelievably independent for her age. Money isn't a problem for her, as she gets a huge allowance from her parents. She’s very involved in extracurricular activities and surrounds herself with a lot of friends to make up for her lack of nurturing.


Persona 3: Mr. Thomas

Devoted middle-aged elementary school teacher for unprivileged kids. He hurts for his student’s tough lives and goes out of his way to make their time at school mean something. He himself doesn't get paid that much, but will buy supplies and snacks for his students out of pocket. He strives to create an environment where kids are free to be kids, leaving their worries at the door.